RLV-T series

In the past four years, we have developed five prototypes (RLV-T1~T5) and conducted more than 300 test flights. Based on a large number of test data, we optimized the flight control algorithm many times. This makes our rocket have strong anti-interference, and can achieve accurate soft landing in strong wind (10m/s).

Full Rocket Design and Complex System Integration

Experienced Team

  • Core team members held key positions within China’s national rocket industry
  • Designed and developed 6 series of LINKSPACE Rockets

Pragmatic problem solving

  • Used crane and safety hanger to test flight control, drastically reduced possible crash and allowed more system testing

Variable Thrust Engine & Vectoring Technology

Solid Technology

  • LINKSPACE’s liquid propellant engine achieves 20%~100% variable thrust
  • Total ignition time over 30,000 sec

Supplying to National Space Institutes

  • First Chinese commercial space company to supply liquid engine products and design solutions to research institutes under CASC

Flight Control Algorithm based on Applied Neural Networks


  • Knowledge gained from the previous version of the rocket can be transferred to the new rocket with minimum tuning required

High Robustness

  • More reliable in interference environment, faster response time and capable of coping with a wider range of situations