SRV-1 (Test code: RLV-T6) is China's first suborbital reusable vehicle, it's multi-purpose and use LOX/Methane as propellant.
When payload without separation, the launch costs compared to nonreusable solid propellant rocket, will be reduced by 90%.
Diameter: 1.2 meters
High: 15 meters
Take-off weight: 8.5 tons

Multilpe Application

Micro Gravity Research
Atmospheric Research
Aerospace Sensor Testing
Near Spacecraft Testing
Biological Payload

Landing Legs

Lighter Structure
High temperature resistant composite material
Possess independent intellectual property rights

Variable Thrust Rocket Engine

Propellant: LOX / Methane
Thrust: 100kN (sea level)
Cycle: Open (Gas generator)
Isp: 285s (sea level)
Variable ratio: 20~100%
Maker: JZYJ Space Tech Co.,Ltd.